Five Must-See Small Cities in Arizona

Visit Popular Southern Arizona for a Memorable Trip

Arizona is replete with many natural locations including the rich Sagrua National Park and the Sonoran Desert. So, hurry up and make your United Airlines reservation now!

Visiting small towns is one of the great joys of traveling. Welcome to the natural beauty, easy access and main street businesses and you have all the opportunities for a memorable day trip. We researched Arizona and found that these are five small town gems that you are sure to enjoy.

Five Must-See Small Cities in Arizona


The brick and stone lines are two and three storey buildings made of Main Street as if holding fast growing valley walls along their length. From the historic inn in Bisbee’s slopes to the sophisticated, modern-looking former miners ‘shaks’ architecture, a century’s worth.

A great day: After walking in the city, spend an evening with the Brewery Gulch, where history flows like beer. Duck at St. Elmo’s oldest and divine bar in the city. If the burkapi has gone ahead, don’t worry, one of the regulars will be happy to put you a decoction. Move right to the top of the stairs for Room 4 bar. With just four stools and 100 sq ft, it is Arizona’s smallest pub.

Claim to fame: Put on a flicker of yellow rain, climb a rail car and rumble in the heart of a mountain.


In the sunny, mild weekends – and there are many of them – residents and tourists flock to the meadow in the city center. In the wake of the Yavapai County Courthouse, a four-story granite structure that rises like a palace, many of the sprawling spaces boast shady places, or people watch from the courtyard stairs.

The founders could no longer imagine playing the role of a plaza, hosting over 100 festivals and events.

Burn steak and eggs by browsing antique shops and boutiques. At lunch, relax with a craft beer from Priscott Brewing Company. After more shopping, if not a nap under the elm, take an evening walk to Whiskey Row, taking drinking establishments to the west side of the plaza.


Nestled on the grounds of the San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff is a popular getaway at any time of the year. It sits at a distance of 7,000 feet with relieving heat in summer and snow-based recreation in winter.

The city has a quiet, dog-friendly city, which reflects its laid-back residents. Shops and restaurants create narrow streets that form a pedestrian-friendly grid. Visitors easily mingle with college students from Northern Arizona University, its quiet campus south of the central core.

A Great Day: Dinner at the Breakfast Palace of Martain is mandatory for tourists. Choose Breakfast Bertito or Chilaquiles, a house specialty scrub with tortilla chips, eggs and green onions and your choice of sauce. After a beer at Mother Road Brewery, head back downtown and enjoy a bite at the Diablo Burger, where you can make your own with dozens of add-ons. As the sun sets, check out a cocktail nurse on the balcony of the historic Hotel Wenford and the shadows near the town.


The way the buildings cling precariously to the edge of Cleopatra Hill, it seems as if gravity has been suspended in this former mining town. Verde Valley extends down into one of the most accessible expanses in Arizona.

With a few signs of a mine shaft running through Cleopatra Hill like a honeycomb, Jerome now thrives on tourism, enhanced by the welcome vibe enjoyed by artists and small-business owners.

A Great Day: At the lower end of Cleopatra Hill, you’ll notice the assembled towers of formidable timber. Visitors can now stand on a thick sheet of transparent plastic, which opens the trench. Continue Jerome to town for lunch in the haunted hamburger and enjoy the view from the courtyard. Spend the day browsing dozens of shops and galleries, and take a break in the tasting room for Cadeus Cellars, owned by tool frontman Maynard James Keenan.

Claim to fame: The city may be Arizona’s most haunted. Many visitors hoping for a spontaneous outbreak of spirits can play it horrifically at the Jerome Grand Hotel. The hotel revolves around Jerome and is even visible at sunset. \


The first glimpse of Sedona is one of awe. Towers and walls of red rock surround the fort like a fort. At sunrise and sunset, they glow as if in the molten core of the Earth. Four-wheel-drive vehicles follow narrow views, narrow paths, and use more power from the boulder to reveal stunning views.

Claim to fame: Many Sedona come to experience spiritual energy that comes out of the vortex. People open to possibilities can feel mental powers and follow them.

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