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Top 5 Things to do in Marfa, TX

A trip to Marfa has been on my bucket list since moving to Texas three years ago. It has many famous visitors such as Beyoncé, Matthew McConaughey, and Eli Hilfiger. During my quick 3-day mini-vacation, I was able to see so many different attractions and was on my list of the top 5 things to do while visiting this fascinating city! To get here, quickly book your United Airlines Reservations flight.

Prada Marfa

Prada Marfa can be one of the tourist attractions that Marfa is the most famous form. While this may sound like a store you can shop, it is actually a permanently installed sculpture about 30 miles outside of Marfa. The sculpture was inaugurated in October 2005 by artists Elmgree and Dragset and entitled “Pop Architectural Land Art Project”. When you can’t buy the latest Prada fashion here, the art installation makes for the location of a photo-perfect photoshoot!

Chinati Foundation

This contemporary art museum was built by the artist Donald Judd in the 80s and was located on an old military base. Jude moved from New York City to Marfa in the 70s in hopes of bringing art, architecture, and nature together to form a coherent whole. Jude invited friend and fellow artist Dan Flavin to set up permanent works to be displayed at the foundation. Flavin’s lighting installation has become one of the most popular attractions in the foundation.

Chinati has since expanded from many other artists to permanent works of the house and each artist’s work is set up in a separate building or outdoor area on the museum grounds. Full collection and selection tours are available on Wednesday – Sunday. For more information on performances and tour schedules, please see their website.

El Cosmico

El Cosmo is the most beloved boutique nomadic hotel and campground, whose accommodation includes areas of renovated vintage trailers, Mongolian Yates, Sioux-style teats, safari tents and camping tents. El Cosmico has a great sense of community while living with an outdoor kitchen and dining area, hammock grove, and outdoor stage. El Cosmico hosts the Trans-Picos Festival of Music + Love, which includes other music festivals, films, and art attractions each year. During your stay, you can rent hot tubs and bikes made of wood to explore the city of Marfa. During my trip we stayed in a remastered trailer, titled Imperial Mansion, but I definitely want to come back to live in either the Times or Yurt!

Food Shark

The Food Shark is a self-described “Mediterranean-by-the-West-Texas” food truck that has been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, and Forbes, but best known for visiting Beyoncé’s local hot spots can go. Travel in 2012. This food trucks’ permanent location on San Antonio street next to Moonlight Jamstone has transformed into an adorable atmosphere as well as a dining court inside a school bus. His ‘Marflafel’ was amazing and must eat in Marfa!

The Capri

Capri is both a venue and a restaurant. On our way to Marfa, we stopped for a drink inside their glam bar and were able to enjoy our cocktails outside in their garden by the fire. The interior luxe decorations were created by a Hollywood set designer and their garden hosts over 300 different plants. Their showroom hosts art installations and adds ultra-stylish vibes. It was a kind of experience and I highly recommend checking out The Carpi while in Marpa.

Thankfully, if your apartment home is located in Texas, your street is a bit far! It was only 6 hours drive from my Austin Camden apartment house and I was able to travel with a friend who is also a part of the Camden family! Since Marfa is a small town (it has a population of less than 2,000!) It is usually the busiest during the latter part of the week and some establishments are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays as well. I recommend you do a little research before venturing to Marfa, but this city is so much fun that it is not an activity I regret doing! Safe journey, friends! Enjoy your trip to the fullest with the United Airlines official site.

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