Tucson, Arizona’s Top Rated Outdoor Attractions

Tucson, Arizona's Top Rated Outdoor Attractions

The city of Tucson or Sunshine is a unique blend of culture and nature — and in turn, brings unique cultural and natural attractions to please visitors! A hot and dry climate that attracts countless tourists from every corner of the world throughout the year. What’s more, cheap flights to Tucson are easily available if you hurry only with your initial online United Airlines reservations!

Plus, take advantage of the cheapest United Airlines deals and travel discounts to help you save heavily on all your bookings! Here are Tucson’s top-rated outdoor attractions:

Saguaro National Park

If you are a witness and to experience the charm of the Sonoran Desert, Saguaro National Park is at an easy reach! One of the most special features of the park is the Saguaro cactus, which is the longest of its kind in North America. Go sightseeing and co-exist with wildlife, including the Gila woodpecker, the desert tortoise, the Gila monster, the Jacobites, and many more.

Tucson Mountain Park

Tucson Mountain Park is a vast space covering 20,000 acres of the Sonoran Desert landscape. This vast and dramatic park boasts miles and miles of hiking, biking, and horse-riding trails. It is also home to movie studios, a museum, and incredible sunset viewing locations!

Mount Lemon Scenic Byway

If you are looking for an escape from the city, notice that the Bemaus Mount Lemon Scenic Byway is your getaway. A grand highway, a quiet drive, and a breathtaking view- this area is nothing less than a paradise.

Catalina State Park

Catalina State Park is a safe haven for outdoor devils and adventure enthusiasts, ranging from rewarding hiking to mountain biking to horse riding trails — this extraordinary park has them all! Adding more drama to an already scenic location are the ruins of a Hohokam Indian village from the era between 500 and AD 1450.

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