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9 Best Places to Visit in Ottawa

The Ontario capital of Ottawa is popular for its breathtaking Victorian architecture. Many places to visit in Ottawa make it a popular tourist destination. Located along the Ottawa River, the city was once a popular trade route for transportation of various natural resources extracted through mining from various sites in the city. Book your flight with the help of United Airlines Reservations.

It is considered the most educated city in Canada and is a much-loved tourist destination. Above all, it is entitled to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These best places to visit in Ottawa are perfect for learning about Canada’s revolutionary history.

9 Best Places to Visit in Ottawa

See below a list of important places to visit in Ottawa for an unexpectedly delightful Canada vacation.

1. Parliament Hill

At the top of the list of best places to visit in Ottawa is the Parliament House which includes the Government of Canada. The political work between 1859 and 1927 has three imposed versions (East Block, West Block, and Center Block). This iconic site has been praised for its impressive Gothic-style architecture. Free tours are offered to visitors throughout the year, while tour times are changed based on the month of your visit.

2. Rideau Canal

The world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Rideau Canal is a 200 km long canal connecting Ottawa and Kingston. Built between 1826 and 1832, the Rideau Canal is one of the best places to roam in Ottawa in the winter, when canal water completely freezes, welcoming millions of visitors to the skating rink. Red Canal’s epic urban skating rink is the world’s largest skating trail and is essential to a magical experience.

3. Canadian War Museum

Located about 5 minutes walk from the city of Ottawa, the Canadian War Museum is one of the famous places to visit in Ottawa. This historical museum contains many of Canada’s epic military undertakings and relics and a vast collection of weapons and vehicles, which have been used in both World War I and II.

Apart from featuring around 3 million artifacts, the museum also attracts attention through its informative exhibits and interactive presentations. The BulletProof Mercedes-Benz Limo of Adolf Hitler is an iconic crowd-puller modified with extensive armor plating. This war museum is an excellent place for history lovers, craft lovers, and travelers alike to roam.

4. National Gallery of Canada

An award-winning masterpiece, the National Gallery of Canada displays some of the world’s largest Canadian collections since the 18th century. Explore some of the best works of legendary artists of the 15th and 17th centuries.

The entire architecture of the gallery is an important ensemble of pink granite and glass spiders that attract a large number of tourists. Deep inside the gallery’s sanctum sanctorum, are two lovely courtyards and the stunning Rideau Street Convent Chapel.

After exploring the gallery, you can enjoy lunch in the cafeteria or dine at the Cafeteria des Bucks Arts, which is located within the gallery complex.

5. Notre Dame Basilica

Ornate with stained glass windows with biblical inscriptions and magnificent with arches and terraced galleries, the Notre Dame Basilica is the largest and oldest standing church in Ottawa. Built-in the 1840s, the church is a stunning example of Canadian religious art and Gothic revival architecture.

Get ready for the spelling with two sparkling silver tin-topped stables of the internal pulsing vault and star-studded blue roof. The grand altar will mesmerize you with its intricately designed interiors, including mahogany carved by Philippe Paris. Get a discount on flight tickets from United Airlines official site.

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